"Together we can make a profound difference in our community." #ThePowerof100 #100WomenAPW #LocalWomenLocalImpact

join us!

Be part of a powerful group making an immediate, and direct effect on the lives of our neighbours. 

100% of your donations to go directly to the Charity of Choice.

The commitment for each member involves attending four quarterly, one-hour meetings a year and pledging $100 as an individual or as a team per meeting for a total of $400.00/year. Each quarter, members witness how their combined donations can improve local lives when placed in the hands of deserving agencies working to serve our community.

The more members we have, the more significant the impact in our community. 100WomenAPW has the potential to raise and donate over $40,000+ annually while meeting new people, learning and connecting with charities serving Durham Region.

A commitment of:
$100 per quarter
$400 per year 

A commitment of:
$50 per quarter
$200 per year

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MEETING and witness first hand #ThePowerof100